Ekphrastic Poem by Sarah Maslowski-Yerges and Fernando Gomez - Photo by Uriel Barron

Looking over I-25, the breeze of the dark warm night enveloped time, the lives of people unimportant to the daily struggles of individuals, ride the windy waves through their windshields. Sheila was frustrated with the dizzy purple pavement, and the cars ahead, all winding to their destinations like snails.  She was frustrated at so much in her life. She finally had enough, her boss, displeased with her despite her efforts. Whispers waving Solemn in Solitude, harassment. And light, the absence of light and after she spoke up, evoked sadness and more frustration. Pulling on her heart strings. A heart, in red, distant busy loneliness, in her mouth. Full cup, was filled breaking as she had been days before. Smoke swirling, Entrancingly wondrous, and smoke wasn’t helping. Flowing freely after a long day falling deeply at home. Contemplating talking to him, usual days moving faster without sincere love. One after another passed, beauty inside, yet young in meaning, her mouth moved faster than her light.