Ekphrastic by Israel Vargas and Haley Tyler - Photo by Uriel Barron

      The great American Dream, dreamt about by millions, but achieved by few. The white picket fence surrounded by vivid dark green grass. A perfect nuclear family in the comfort of the suburbs outside the city slumps. Two young lovebirds realized this dream after the end of WWII, she was a nurse and he was a soldier. They got to know each other while she was treating his gunshot wound. They bonded over the things they had in common. They both played baseball as young children, they were both part of big families, and they both grew up in small towns. After the war, they purchased a small home enclosed by a beautiful glimmering white fence. Their love was true blue, they were in deep love. They danced to their favorite songs, like “Maybe” by the Inkspots, in their kitchen while they waited for their chicken pot pie or lasagna to bake. Each year that passed, they put out bright Christmas lights in the yard that illuminated the whole block. Families from all around came to see their house. Every 4th of July they hosted the biggest celebration. The only smell traveling through the summer gusts was savory beef simmering on the grill and the sight of the loud fireworks bursting into magnificent colors in the dark sky. Once they had their own children, the whole house was turned upside down. Two girls and two boys ran galavant through the home wearing down the wooden tiles. The kids looked just like their parents.  They grew up quickly like flowers in a garden and soon moved away to pursue their own happiness that would mirror their parents. The couple remained in the same place. Every corner of the house gave them a flashback of the past. The nostalgia brought them joy. Sometimes the both of them sat in their wicker chairs on their porch looking at their neighbors houses through the white fence as they watered the grass. After basking in the aroma of freshly moistened grass on a summer afternoon they couldn't help but think of all the people that helped them learn and strive that lived in their neighborhood throughout the years.