BEE by Karen Andrade and Viet Tran - Photo by Uriel Barron

The ones that look like me are slowly dying,

But we are the reason why the planet is so colorful,

We spend most of our time flying,

Our impact on the world is powerful.


We are the black and yellow striped

We have little wings

We are the reasons your fruits are ripe

The buzz you hear is us when we sing


We jump from flower to flower

We pollinate each one we touch

Almost like the world is in our power

Look how it has grown so much


But there is a lack of care for us

You will need us for the good of the planet

So protect as you must

Because we are the reason you have pomegranates


If you start to care for us

We will keep this world fruitful

And oh so lush

Our presence is little but crucial