Accordion Heart by Lillian Stone and Jason Anderson - Photo by Uriel Barron

Surprise my Little Duck

Unplanned, you appeared, it was simply luck

When we were in your presence

We gave ourselves the sentence

Luminescence, is what you are in our life

And you inspire us to lead it without strife

My Little Duck, when you come to this Earth

I’ll do whatever to keep you warm like a hearth


The moment I laid my eyes on Little Duck,

You are the best parts of me stuck

Into a pearl of perfect glee

All curiosity no fear, wet purity

Divined, and from my own skin

I didn’t know until I met you that my life had been

Nothing but a few meaningless weekdays

You are my Sunday

You are my Goodyear blimp on a cold night


When from me you were severed

The black void of crying, I never

Thought I could have wished you would cry, Little Duck I wish

You had cried, on this hospital bed where I lay in anguish

My ribs cracked open the monster

Raged through blood altar

Rivers empty my eyes

As your cold hand slips from mine

The hush of the doctors and nurses

The ominous heartless hearses

Carrying a half sized casket

My Little Duck in a white lace jacket

The hush of my family members as the death box lowered

I am no mother and my nameless child, I never got to love her.


You are my twin towers

Smoke and ash suffocating flowers

You were taken away from us due to outside powers

Nothing can wash the pain away, no blood born showers

At the thought of your stillborn name my whole body cowers


I would say I wish I could forget you, let you

Go but Little Duck you made me new

My heart is beating for two


So if my chest

Must be forever compressed

Let it be an accordion

Playing your song…


Surprise my little duck