Songs by Skye Maestas


See how time flies

I just want to get on a plane and fly

One night I heard my daughter say

I’m gonna die

I said don’t cry

Everything will be alright with you by my side

The future is bright


Where Was I

Where was I when you were ready to cry all night.

When you were ready to get on a plane and fly.

Where was I when you were hurt and crying at 5.

When you were to learn how to divide.

Where was I when you were pronounced husband and wife.

When your best friend just died.

I just want to hold you so tight tonight.

I just want to concentrate on you tonight.


Now a Days

Look at the kids now a days

Taking drugs at age 13

And doing whatever they please

Smokin’ weed

Trying to attract the police

Their parents don’t care

Kids make fun of the way you do your hair

Still no one cares

Look at those things they do

Acting like a bunch of fools

Running around jumping people for their shoes

I don’t have a clue

Why they do that stuff

“Fastening” things that we need

Look at the new things

People waste their money on stupid things

Twenty dollars for one thing

People don’t trust people one day



I can’t do this

With everybody watching me

Like they watch the show Glee

Why can’t we do this

You and me

You want a ‘rari

I’m buying three

Wanna get away

Just follow me

Get on a plane

Just to get away

But there’s fans in every place

Please just stay away

I just want to go back in time

And find another life

Before I die

Come on let’s get away

Without you I don’t know what’s in my way

Please let’s leave

I just need alone

Let’s just go home

Please I just need alone

Come with me

We will go home

Just you and me