Koe wale no a pau na Emotions by Amirah Lujan-Ibanez

Money for people is money for water plants

adventure has misery, fragile, and interiors

In that postpartum domain death awakes

Is mutant neoteric elixir serum

Quadruple fortune makes that absolute up sum

He, seven, a miserable indigenous adaption

Never train interacts hate presiding when is more parental

Tradition sums trusting manners and interiors

Anticipate fracture. Multiple fluent mania.

Antique in perception, fragile, so human lives.


As water is to plants, money is to people it’s easily destroyed, need to live, and the little things it ties. The main source of death being woken.

Many treasures makes total.

Man is not happy, fragile and depressed because of it.

Hate is only acted around parents.

Customary actions involves manners and objects.

Wait for the broken. It's consistent in many.

Human life is thin; it gives of view of one's own.


People drink money. Plants water.

Fastly gone, dies, and then dematerialize.

Death loves to be woken up.  

Treasures are taken over now.

Man consumes themselves with it, it’s a new norm.

Parents show hate.

Manners aren't as common as objects.

The cracks don't wait.


Money drinks plants. People drink water.

Light, dark, nothing

Who woke up death this time?

No more treasure left.

Man are the treasures now.

Hate are parents.

Objects are more respected

than manners.

People want concrete.

It’s hard to find abstract nowadays.

Feelings are the problems.

Non-living can’t talk back so it’s okay.


We are the cracks that make us.